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Supercharge fat loss and speed up muscle growth using TEST STORM. Perfect for men & women, this powerful support increases energy, focus & libido; while decreasing estrogen production.


  • LEPIDIUM: Significant improvements in drive and sex quality while suppressing prostate growth
  • ICARIN: Greatly improves drive, assertiveness and aggressiveness, and decreased vasodilation
  • FENUGREEK: Increases testosterone production, decrease levels of by-products of testosterone production, decrease fat mass, improves workout
  • STINGING NETTLE ROOT: Keeps testosterone active
  • DIINDOLYMETHANE: Estrogen regulating molecule
  • D ASPARTIC ACID: Signals steroid production, boosts virility, and increases muscle mass


  • How much should I take?  Take one serving (3 tablets) daily whenever you take all of your other supplements.
  • How? With food? Liquid? We suggest you take this product with food, as it will help with absorption. You can take this product with as much liquid as you need to swallow the pills.
  • Cycling? This product is safe to take as long as you want; you do not need to take time off. You can double dose during times of intense training or competition.
  • What happens if I skip? You can definitely double up doses.
  • Does this product have calories? No, this product is calorie-free
  • Can you take this product while pregnant or breastfeeding? No.
  • Is this product vegan/gluten-free? Yes
  • Does this product contain caffeine? No
  • Can I take this product on certain medications? Yes. However, always check with your Dr./Physician.
  • Is Test Storm safe for women? Yes. Women get the exact same benefits from higher testosterone that men do—probably amplified in comparison.
  • Will I (a woman) grow hair by taking Test Storm? No.

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