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BURN PM(Fat Burner)

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Crush cravings, decrease your appetite & naturally increase your body's fat-burning ability throughout the day using BURN PM. 


5-HTP: Decreases carb cravings & increases food satisfaction

BETA GLUCAN: Makes nutrients you consume last longer 


CHROMIUM: Stabilizes blood sugar levels to help regulate your appetite

TRIMETHYLGYCINE & BETAINE: Decreases systemic inflammation 


RHODIOLA: Improves cognition when you are tired & regulates stress and appetite 

GINSENG: Increases cognition during times of stress 

ASHWAGANDHA: Helps balance stress and anxiety & helps stress hormone reduction 


  • How much should I take/when? Take one serving every day (3 capsules) at the same time every day. Take when your cravings hit or around 60-90 minutes after your last meal in the evening.
  • How? With food? Liquid? Take with 8oz of fluid. You do not need to take this with food. If you experience a GI upset, you can take immediately after your last meal of the day.
  • What happens if I skip? Not a big deal. You can double dose if you want, but it is not necessary.
  • Can I take Burn PM if I am cycling? You can take this product every day indefinitely.
  • Can you take Burn PM while pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes.
  • Is Burn PM vegan & gluten-free? Yes.
  • Can I take this on certain medications? Yes, but always check with your Dr./Physician.