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2110 Weight Loss Challenge: College

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Whether you’re trying to lose that last bit of stubborn fat, build lean muscle, or just break through that fitness plateau you’ve been stuck on for the last 6 months, each goal is very different but equally important. The difference is that goals must be SMART( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound)
Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but overcoming each challenge empowers you and makes you stronger -- enabling you to reach your ultimate goals.

 Results are earned, never given.

 Challenges are also great motivators that bring out the best in people. It helps fuel your desire to improve and encourages you to push your boundaries and achieve goals you might not normally think you had a chance at. The end result is a shift in the way you view yourself, fitness, and working out.
 It becomes about you striving for excellence.
The 21/10 Challenge workouts are designed to elicit a max fat loss response. Utilizing total body exercises moves and moderate to safely force your body to lose 10lbs safely AND effectively. There are 3 levels of workouts:
TNT(Tighten N Tone) : Level 1, Beginner
Solid: Level 2, Intermediate
Elite Level 3/4, Advanced
I truly hope that you enjoy challenging yourself and reaching you level of excellence in this program!
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