Transformation 42 Affiliate Supplement Page

As a Anytime Fitness owner,I am able to purchase supplements, healthy snacks, protein powders and other fitness related products at deep discounts and in bulk. My cost is typically 40% - 50% below the market rate. But I am not a supplement company but I do want to be your one stop shop for all things fitness.
Now you can use our Distributor Site to place all your orders at huge discounts
(Prices on our Distributor Site are approximately 40% less than
 The prices listed on the Distributor Site are my actual cost (the price Anytime Fitness owners buy them )....all you pay is the access. 
(Shipping / handling is included in the access fee) 
Non Anytime Fitness members access fee $9.99
Anytime Fitness members access fee $7.99
Transformation 42 access fee members $5.99
(Save $2 with a monthly recurring fee)
All products will arrive at the club.
It takes about 2 days for products to arrive at the gym and all products will be ordered on Friday @ 1pm.
I will be adding more products to this site visit often!