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1SimpleChange: Level 1, Junior High: Habitual Transformation

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The level one client(Junior High) is someone who needs to change their daily nutritional  habits by making simple changes to their current lifestyle. Clients at this level will need to set daily measurable habitual goals by making minimal changes to their current food intake habits  if they are to achieve their primary goal of fat loss .

Clients also will need to understand the  emotional driver to reach their goals in order to drive commitment to and compliance with  coaching strategies discussed with their coach. 

  • Habit Coaching Blueprint (7-step process for habitual change) 
  • 11 Habit Challenges(each 2 weeks long)
  • The Habit Starter Kit
    • Habit tracker sheet
    • meal planner
    • training planner
    • progress recorder
    • male/female portion control guide

For best results and to ensure a complete breakage of unhealthy nutritional habits it is recommended that you participate in the entire 22 week program. 


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